Heavy Traffic
Written on 12/10/13 at 07:41:15 EST by Darkbee
AnnouncementsI've been neglecting my website for a while now and I've recently returned to find the usual spam accounts and spamvertising posts under those accounts.  Unfortunately, I've also found something else rather alarming: My bandwidth usage has shot through the roof (over 10GB in Novemeber 2013) and I'm pretty sure it's not because this website has become the hottest new destination on the web.  I seem to be getting hammered by bots/spammers in China.  As such, it seems I'm left with no option but to try to aggressively block all Chinese IP ranges.

My apologies to legitimate Chinese visitors to this site, unfortunately your country does not seem to hold the interests of website owners in very high regard allowing heinous Internet practices to continue unfettered and unpunished.  Consequently, I'm left with no alternative but to try to block an entire nation.

Hopefully, one day soon this will become a non-issue but in the mean time I cannot allow my site to be targeted by worthless scum.

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