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Written on 09/15/10 at 09:55:36 EST by JazHaz
Hi Darkbee,

Really like this website, especially its interactive features. What packages did you use to create it? And what does it use, eg PHP etc?



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Written on 09/27/10 at 23:15:19 EST by Darkbee
Sorry I haven't responded sooner, I've been very busy lately.  There's no PHP or any hand-coding going on here.  I tried that once but I found that I spent more time coding and less time actually putting content on my website, and what good is a website without content?  Believe it or not this site has had more content in the last 2 years than than it has had in the prior 6.

Anyway, it's using an open source Content Management System, written in Perl, and using flat files for storage (which really lightens the burden of hosting requirements).  For more information, check out (domain is no longer active, see instead.)

Thanks for stopping by, and lending your comments/questions! :)

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